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My Top Three Lunging Tips

Lunging is an odd one – some people think it isn’t worth it, some people believe it to be the best thing out there – I personally use it as a fitness tool rather than keeping strong views on it at all.

Personally I lunge in tack, with a bridle on, and with a head collar over the bridle. This not everyone’s cup of tea, I know. Regardless of what you are working your horse in, these are my top three lunging tips!

#1: Allow the craziness

A few times when I lunge, the horse will try and buck and bolt away – allow this. The purpose of getting the horse on the lunge is to aid him to be balanced and level – if he is in a stressed environment, this cannot happen. Him bucking and playing around allows him to let of steam. A bit like when you see actors or singers going ‘MAH’ or ‘MEE’ loudly before the performance (see here)

#2: Vary your circle sizes.

You would never, due to your own human boredom, keep going around in a 20m circle for the full 15 minutes when you’re on board so may sure you bring your horse in, push him out again, in out and keep the variety. This keeps the horse attentive and listening to you – not just switching off.

#3: Keep both reins equal

Self explanatory. Basic. Silly to mention you may be saying to yourself, but actually not – you will get some people who keep their horse on the rein that they find easiest, or looks the nicest, just for their own pleasure.Keep it all equal – allow the horse to have to work hard on the side he’s not so keen on!

Practice makes perfect, so allow him to make mistakes.

What’s your top tip for lunging? 



Pros of City Living 1/2

Pros of City Living. I am doing another post on this next week, but for this week we are going to look at what would be a mythical life for me. Let’s say the dream life!

Pros of living in the city for me can be summed up in three items. This is subject to everyone living in the same city obviously.

#1. Public Transport

Wherever you may want to go, it is totally possible. And having had a couple of drinks. No one has to flip a coin to find out who is driving. Of a similar ilk, being able to walk everywhere, being able to walk to the pub, to friends, to Date Night, to the post office, to only carry a small bag when in the city. To be close by where you want or need to go. A bus route actually existing, with a bus turning up on it! Driving in rush hour would avoidable.

#2. Friends

Your friends living close by, being able to meet for coffee at a short notice, having a pint after work, randomly turning up to people’s houses. Enjoying trips to the cinema en masse. Not having to spend 12 hours of your 36 hour weekend travelling to see your buddies… you get my drift.

#3. Normal Clothes

Imagine waking up and not having to think about if your outfit allows for mud, or allows for dog prints, or allows for the wind to get hold of it and do a Marilyn Monroe. Imagine having to make an effort with what you wear, every day!

Oh what a life! 

What would be your top three of living in a city?


Product Review: Spotify

You know the drill. You are having a party, you can’t find the music. You are enjoying a nice bath, you can’t find the music for the mood. You are driving the car, the radio is a pain and you can’t find the music you want to use.

Imagine if there was a service that provided decent music, good quality, great range, random selections when asked, and was under £15 a month…

Wait for it, hang on, it’s coming to me… I’ve got it… Spotify.

Spotify have every song you can quite imagine, from something that your dad mentions randomly in passing, the artist that Ed Sheeran mentions in Castle on the Hill, Craig David’s first ever song, the first album you ever bought (Kelly Clarkson, Breakway…) and even more. It also has all the Busted songs you can dream of. Enough said.

My favourite new thing that Spotify have bought out, is the ‘Daily Mix’ – it randomly selects music that is similar, that you have listened to recently, and adds it to a playlist.

However, watch out, if you have a husband who likes rock and metal… sometimes this can join your lovely McFly album…

In terms of cost, you can enjoy the free version, but you get adverts. I would advise the family version, 6 accounts, all for £2 something a month.

What’s your first album you ever bought? 


This is not a sponsored post.

Comparison Game

We’ve all been there. The horse next to you in the yard has got all the new gear, they have more rosettes than you, another one is leaving the yard more often, another one’s horse is having 4 feeds a day rather than your horse who is only having one.

Someone is always doing something more fun, something more dangerous, something ‘cooler’ than you. And the comparison game sucks.

Why can’t I be like them? Why can’t my horse do that? I should up my horse’s feed intake. Maybe if I feed my horse hay rather haylage – that’ll be better… it is a black hole.

My advice to you = think about something else. When you are getting close to comparing yourself to something. Go for something else – what you’re having for supper, what you are doing next Wednesday, what are the characters in your favourite tv show doing… anything that will change your train of thought.

With practice, only 20 times of doing it, you will get out of the swing of comparing yourself to others, and actually enjoy what you’re doing.

There may be millions of reasons why they have to do whatever they’re doing. Maybe there was actually only one horse in the competition, so they had to get a rosette, maybe their horse is ill, so they have to be fed lots of times. Maybe they are unhappy with what they have to do to keep their horse happy. Maybe they wish they could be like you.

Remember, they do what they do best, and you do you best.

So, you do you and they will keep doing them.

Keeping it this way avoids the self deprecation at every turn. Quit the comparison game.




Oh the horrid word, it is complicated to spell, painful to experience and a complete bore to tolerate.

For anyone who doesn’t know what they look like – see below. Ouch. These are my legs, I am not actually on the loo, just not wearing my ‘riding pants’… cheeky!

They happen due to a cold area trying to get hot quickly – so for example when you come in from the elements, you go straight to the heater/aga or shower. This is where your body freaks out and has to exclude that area for warming up, creating lumps. They then become itchy as they are heating up – this is the worst bit! They can appear on your fingers, toes or thighs.

They are horrid, and can burst and my advice if you think you have got them is to avoid wearing tight clothes. This is extremely hard when you have to wear jodhpurs and tight clothes at work. What I do is wear my jodhpurs and then wear waterproof trousers over them, and allow the warm air between the jods and waterproofs to act as the warming component.

Admittedly, this omens’t always work. I have been to doctors and they haven’t been too helpful, more saying that there is nothing you can do.

Apparently they end after your 20s… I’ve never wanted to be 30 with more desperation.

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