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Backlog of letters

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy, from partying to organising a horse trials (finally). The  time off I’ve had has either been riding my horse or catching up on sleep. Blimey, I am exhausted. 

Seeing as the last few weeks of posts haven’t happened, my plan is to do a post every few days and go through what I would, ideally, have posted, had I been on time, organised and running on recharged batteries. So please excuse the past tense that may be used to describe situations/happenings, but I will endeavour to recreate the best 4 days of my life so far… or maybe close to them..
All I can say as an update now is that I am exhausted, thoroughly enjoying life and have been counting quite a few ‘officials’ vests… who knew that my maths lessons would actually come in so handy for my placement.. 
Parties have been plenty and the life behind the scenes has been incredible. I would imagine I am the same type of tiredness that you get from having a baby, exhausted by what has been but similarly excited about what is the come (obvs my placement doesn’t scream and poo… it has been known to wake me up in the night though!)
Enjoy mes amis…
Once again, I apologise for the lack of exciting info in this post, but it acts as a similar role as that of a napkin when having a burger… a kind gesture that could potentially be useful! 

The Reason Behind the Madness

This post is the boring description bit that everyone misses out when reading a novel, everyone, that is except your English teacher who requests a 3thousand word essay on the relevance of the world ‘majestic’ in the sentence, ‘To the left of the mantle piece a rather majestic set of antlers could be located’.

So onto the madness; the madness, referring here to the blog, is due to the fact that I am currently studying at the Royal Agricultural University (né Royal Ag College, former and considerably better name). Having finished my academic side of my 2nd year, it is required that I spent some time working in the real world; which I may take this opportunity to add, is a very big yet rather small world. 

Whilst studying Equine Management (Business), I have continued maintained my passion for event organising and management with setting up the Caledonian Society and hosting their first ball (of many I’d like to predict) and assisting with running the VWH Hunter Trials just to mention a few of the rather more ‘professional’ versions of simply telling my siblings what to do, where and when, in plays we put on to our parents. 

I have decided to put all my memoirs into a blog so as a) to store them in somewhere other than my rather fish-like brain memory, and to a data base which, even if the database on my computer is rather violently taken from my hands (I imagine a rather sneaky man, dressed in army combat (like a man in uniform) who woos me but takes my goods rather than my heart…) anyways, back to the main body of this ramble – I am blogging in order to remember the experiences, as generic as that does sound. 

As a prediction of my next few months – I am working at Equi-Trek International Bramham Horse Trials, Red House Riding Holidays and the World Equestrian Games for my placement. 

My aim to is blog most weeks – this will, of course, include my crazy social life… My main aim is to recount my time as a ‘working student (rather huge contradiction) with as much gusto that can escape from a sleep deprived earl grey addict… 

Yours, X

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