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Labour: Animal Welfare Plan


Here’s a different topic for you. Labour are asking for people’s help on their Animal Welfare Plan.

Regardless of how you would vote on election day, or who you have strong feelings about, this is your chance to give your two pence worth. Now’s your time to say what you’d like to see happen. What you deem important and key for yourself and your understanding of Animal Welfare.

I’m not going to try and convert you to my feelings, that would be unfair, and rude.

We all know that there are times when we don’t agree on something, we struggle to understand why someone in power would make that decision, or allow something to pass. We misunderstand why things have happened how they have, mainly because the media are good at blindfolding us – to sell the papers. They’re out to make money, and if that’s how they know best, then any business owner would do the same… let’s admit it. But the tricky thing is that it sucks us all in, because we are not in a position to go to the bill hearings and hear what is actually happening.

BUT now is the best time to put forward your ideas. They are open for all opinions. I’ve given my view; I would recommend you do too. If they haven’t heard it, they won’t be able to add it to the mix.

Make sure you read their description of what they want to do first though:


And when you’ve worked out what you’d like to say, send your thoughts to:


What is so exciting is that Animal Welfare is something that is key for all animal lovers, be that with or without the same understanding. What I might do with my horse might not be what X or Y might be – but this is our option to put forward what we feel is important and essential.

I would not want to be the person putting all the thoughts together and making a plan though…

Good luck, and may your thoughts be fruitful and achieved. 

Product Review: Henri Lloyd Jacket

My dear dear Henri Lloyd – if you’ve been following me on instagram (instagram.com/girlabouttheyard), you’ll have heard that the jacket has now been demoted. Sadly it has lived it’s best life but is now definitely a ‘rough work’ jacket.

I bought the jacket, back in 2013, in a bid to try and impress Rob, seriously – it’s that ridiculous, when he took me sailing, with his family, in our first year of going out. You know the thing, he says it would be a good idea to own, it was on a deal and I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t trust him judgment (don’t worry, this hasn’t continued… it was only in the impressing stage, he’s stuck with me now! mwahaha!!).

Features: fleeced pockets, water tight zips, hi-vis reflectors around the sleeves, adjustable sleeves, fully waterproof,  hi-vis hood, warm, flattering!

I have re-washed it in re-waterproof solution maybe 3 times, and it is as good as new each time. Doing horses everyday, and wearing the jacket every day, does not give the product a relaxed work out – in fact, it has worked jolly hard over the last 5 years. They are true to their word, of being some of the best!!

If you need a jacket that keeps you warm, keeps you visible and keeps you dry! Go for Henri Lloyd, renown for their sailing equipment, this has not let the brand, or me down! You may have noticed that the link above is for a child’s jacket, yep – they even give you a confidence boost with the sizing!!

Thank you Henri-Lloyd! Keep up the good work!

What’s your favourite jacket of all time? 

Should Every Horse Be An Allrounder?


The definition of an ‘allrounder’, would be a horse that is comfortable doing dressage, hacking, show jumping, cross-country, trekking, vaulting, hunting, riding school lessons… you might say. In general, an allrounder is comfortable with all horse activities.

Should every horse be an allrounder? Should every horse be put in the same box, the same game, the same character.

To label the horse with anything, I struggle to feel comfortable with, a horse is good at what they are happy to do – and that comes with partnership, and through horse and rider bond. Ultimately the horse has already come out of it’s natural habitat, so with the trust necessary – the horse can do whatever you’d like it to.

Well, at least, that is my understanding, it comes from the partnership with the rider. And that is a bond that must be grown over time, over understanding each other, and by waiting until the situation is right – not just going into it because you ‘have to’ but because you want to. Read more about it being best to wait until you’re 100% into it here.

The same way that you wouldn’t change riding school, unless you trusted the person advising you to do so, why should your horse trust you – without the time and effort put in – to adapt to what you’d like them to do?

What helps you trust someone?


Northern Equestrian Services provide coaching, schooling and grooming, in the Cumbria, Lancashire, North Yorkshire area. Call 07837 187198 for more info or head to our website.




Pros of Countryside Living 2/2

Pros of Countryside Living is the second of two in a series. The other is Pros of City Living. 

You could say three pros of my life right now, maybe you’re trying to decide if you want to move to the countryside, anyways, here we go!

#1. ‘Fresh Air’ 

‘Fresh Air’ and it is all in abundance. The joys of being about to go outside and walk for miles, with the wind in your air, the sun on your back and the dreams running through your mind. You decide what you want to do and when! Even the smell of cow muck smells fresh…

#2. Country Cottage

The dream of having an Aga, a nice muddy porch and three wild dogs running around can happen. With the distance between you and your next door neighbour being more than 100 feet. You can sing to Mcfly without being over heard… why hello good fun!

#3. Prices

The price of life in the countryside is cheaper than that of the city. You can buy a muffin and coffee for less than £5. You can actually get change from cash. You don’t have to open a mortgage to use public transport… if it even arrives! And Date Night can be under £50. Winner.

Do you agree with me? What are your three pros of living in the countryside? 




Product Review: Fairy Liquid

Random, but bet you didn’t know three ways of using Fairy Liquid. It’s one of the best things out there, and by Jo is it a life hack!

I use green original, because it smells the best and sometimes the original type is all that you need. No additives!

#1. Oil

Pouring hot oil, or cold fat, down the sink feels impossible because it will add to the Fat Berg – if you are in London – and could clog up your drains, I know. But if you add fairy liquid to your water, it breaks down the oil. Make sure you mix it all before you take the plug out though.

#2. Horse

Use fairy liquid to get the same sparkle as the plates get, in your horse’s hair, be that in the shower, the mane, tail, and socks. And it’s cheaper! And will clean more of them than any other washing up liquid provider. You’re welcome.

#3. Dishwasher

You forgot, your housemates forgot, and your mum forgot – there are no dishwasher tablets. Don’t worry, use your fairy liquid. A quick squirt over the dishes, put it on the cycle you wish, and job’s a good’un.

What’s your number one use when it comes to Fairy Liquid ? 



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